all of me matters

CALM toolkit

Here you can access the CALM toolkit

The A of CALM also stands for awareness of self and others, acceptance of self and others and authenticity

The mindset in CALM culture is ‘I am enough’

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All of me matters

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All of me matters

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Let me rest

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self awareness

We hear many stories at work from people who feel that they have either lost sight of their true selves or spend much of their time masking up in order to fit in and feel outwardly successful

self acceptance

This can be hugely draining and create deep levels of stress and anxiety so to develop authenticity, we need to think and feel that we don’t have to fit into a box to contribute but that we can be accepted for who we are as well as what we do

be more authentic

Grounded in the core belief that everyone has unique gifts and strengths, there is also recognition that people have lives, responsibilities and challenges outside of work which can be supported if brought out into the open

It’s ok to be you and that’s enough