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CALM events

CALM Hub Workshop: Your Blueprint for Strong Immunity

27th September

CALM Leader Live

18th October

CALM Hub workshop: Why Corporates Can Become Like Cults

22nd November

the big CALM questions

Help shape how leaders and change makers are co-creating workplace cultures for work/life brilliance.
Take part in our CALM snapshot survey and tell us what you’re thinking and feeling about work.
Are your ways of working, working?
We update this every six months and highlight the trending movements. If you’d like to benchmark with whats happening in your own organisation then get in touch!

the big CALM questions: results


Firstly we need to understand and connect with ourselves and figure out what really matters to us – what are our values and to what extent have we shaped our life at work and at home around them?


This is important work in being more able to build trusted connections with others and more effectively aligning energy around a shared purpose to form inclusive and impactful communities


For workplace culture, this is about everyone role modelling the human need for authentic connection in a way which balances care for the individual and society with business outcomes and delivery