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L is all about managing energy instead of time for maximum productivity

The mindset in CALM culture is ‘I slow down to go faster’

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managing time

The modern world and ways of working often mean information overload and overwhelm

Our brains are bombarded with so much from the moment we wake up to the moment we go to sleep, there is often little or no space or time for our minds to restore and rebalance to enable us to continue to function effectively

managing productivity

At work, roles at all levels require increasing levels of creativity, innovation, complex problem solving, resilience and agility

To be truly effective, it’s no longer about being productive in the traditional sense during traditional working hours – we need time to think and our best ideas often come to us when we are not sat at a desk in front of a computer or in meetings – in fact, quite the opposite

managing energy flow

Slowing down to go faster is the new productivity and high performance mantra for the 21st century workplace