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The M is about driving behaviour change sustainably through tiny steps and growth mindset

The mindset in CALM culture is ‘I can experiment’

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Our CALM recommended reading for July/August

The Blue Zones Challenge by Dan Buettner

The Blue Zones areas of the world share and benefit from a set of habits that we call the Power 9 practices that together increase longevity, health and happiness.

This book has been a significant source of inspiration for the L of CALM.

Read this to learn more about:

  • how to live longer and healthier by learning from the world’s longest lived people from five blue zones around the globe
  • how to shape your surroundings to make the healthier choice easier to find your 1% CALMer
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The C of CALM is all about creating purposeful workplaces where people feel they truly belong


The A of CALM also stands for awareness of self and others, acceptance of self and others to foster greater


L is all about managing energy over time for maximum productivity in a changing world of work,


The M is about driving behaviour change sustainably through tiny steps and growth mindset

tiny habits

In effective workplace culture that believes that to do well, you need to be well, it’s not enough to have intermittent wellbeing interventions and activities

growth mindset

Recognition of the intrinsic link between productivity and wellbeing needs to sit at the heart of culture and mindset, not simply manifest as a lunchtime yoga session or a website with a helpline number

support team

It’s about considering the best way to create and deliver sustainable change through small steps and including people along the way giving people full permission to experiment and fail fast, championing kindness and care to develop powerful support teams for truly positive, holistic business and people outcomes