How JAAQ can support you with your mental health

JAAQ has recently been launched and is an exciting new development in how to access support around mental health challenges. Having suffered with his own mental health manifesting as body dysmorphia, the founder, Danny Gray, is passionate about helping people access the right information on mental health quickly and simply.

Get to the Point

JAAQ stands for Just Ask A Question and is an online platform where people can ask questions about mental health directly to a range of experts and people with lived experience. It’s a way to seek out direct guidance at a time when the amount of information out there can often feel overwhelming and accessing health services can just feel like another mountain to climb.

Just Ask

JAAQ is a free website available to anyone and it’s proving a revolutionary way for people to seek support through the power of conversation. Whether it’s for yourself, wanting to support someone you know, or you’re just curious to find out more, visit the website, select your expert and ask your question.

Help Is Out There

I’ve tried it and I have to say it’s really powerful. Even if you select a question from those suggested, you ask it and it’s as if you are getting one to one support from the experts. It’s just like being engaged in a helpful real life dialogue where someone wants to and can really help you. It’s gives you a sense of connection, of hope that there is help out there and a feeling that you are being empathised with by someone who knows and understands what you or someone you love might be going through. There is also clear signposting for people in crisis or for topics which aren’t covered.

A fascinating new innovation around mental health support – take a look here