girl in wooded glade

Hi everyone,

I’m Sarah, the founder of Calm In A Box and I live in the Derbyshire countryside with my beautiful young daughter.

After a difficult time in my personal life and suffering from poor health, I developed a passion for wellbeing and began a mission to live a calmer, more peaceful life.


Professionally, I have spent my corporate career working with and coaching executives and leadership teams as well as designing and leading behavioural change programmes across organisations to achieve more positive outcomes for people, teams and businesses.


Calm In A Box brings together my personal interest in wellbeing with my professional experience and aims to promote a calmer lifestyle at home and at work at a time when we are often overwhelmed with busyness, stress and anxiety which can lead to both mental and physical health issues.


We offer a range of calm solutions from wellbeing gifts, online courses, one to one coaching, calm workshops and calm retreats as well as being committed to sharing everyday calm ideas and inspiration to help you find your calm in the best way for you.

sarah markham - the calm coach