To do well, you need to be well

Disrupting workplace culture through CALM for work/life brilliance

what we do

Culture, mindset and behaviour change

CALM in a box deploy their unique CALM model to guide leaders and teams in developing the culture, mindset and behaviour to thrive in a 21st century world of work, aligning with the business strategy to better meet the needs of people and business, both today and for the future

our calm model

Guiding leaders and teams through culture change

Through our expertise in co-creation and human centred design we work with you to harness the power of wellbeing to enable the transformative cultural shift required by forward thinking and progressive organisations, leaders and teams to help their people find work/life brilliance

connect with me

The C of CALM is all about creating purposeful workplaces where people feel they truly belong

all of me matters

The A of CALM also stands for awareness of self and others, acceptance of self and others to foster greater authenticity in the workplace

let me rest

L is all about managing energy over time for maximum productivity in a changing world of work, learning how to reset and rebalance to slow down to go faster

motivate me

The M is about driving behaviour change sustainably through tiny steps and growth mindset


How we can help

We work with organisations to integrate culture change and transformation through tailored consultancy, workshops and coaching services.


We believe in the power of co-creation to establish the right approach for your business


Engage and inspire your people to embrace and drive change through our innovative and inclusive programme experiences


Learn the skill of slowing down to go faster to build the resilience to lead effectively in the 21st century workplace
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