CALM Leader Live with Superintendent Claire Hammond

Our first CALM Leader Live brings you an interview with Superintendent Claire Hammond. One of the youngest female talents to reach Superintendent, Claire heads up the Criminal Justice Team at Derbyshire Constabulary.

A veritable tour de force, change maker, inspirational people leader and an overall wonderful human being, Sarah talked to Claire about how CALM culture has supported her team through the pandemic and onwards, her hopes and aspirations for the future of policing and balancing work and home when you’re shooting for the stars.

Claire explained how Criminal Justice has had a challenging couple of years – not unlike everyone else – however the team were faced with having to take care of all of the victims for whom the court process was paused during lockdown whilst at the same time adjusting to home working and the fear and uncertainty of a global pandemic.

Being able to adapt and flex your leadership style was paramount and a precursor to being able to do that effectively is understanding yourself. Claire has also been very purposeful about finding a new way to create more compassionate leadership and redefine her identity as a leader and change maker whilst also working on her own mental health challenges.

What’s helped Claire to create a CALM culture?

– Knowing that a leader can achieve very little without engaging and including their team – they have a lot of the answers and will happily share them if they are asked to.

– Effective situational leadership – knowing when to involve people and when to call it.

– Allowing everyone to be themselves – genuinely welcoming all styles and skills.

– Creating space, support and acceptance around bad days backed up by a genuine and authentic support team.

– Taking care of both mental and physical health and continuing the journey to open up about thoughts, feelings and emotions through role modelling.

– Remembering what’s really important and not losing perspective with work overtaking life.

– Taking ten minutes for some tomato soup or a run outside can make a world of difference to productivity.

– Careful thought needs to be given to how workplace environments help people find a better balance (or not).

– Reminding yourself that there is no one right answer is helpful when approaching people and culture change but make sure you explain what you’re trying to achieve and why.

And Claire’s advice for 1% CALMer as a leader in the 21st century workplace: be yourself – stick to being who you are and keep your feet on the ground.

Listen to the full interview here: