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St Modwen

CALM as a bridge for change

'It's been such an eye opener - it's made me realise that I can slow down. It would be great for everyone to experience this.'
CALM programme participant

‘Thank you for your amazing support - we all take so much from the sessions.’
Lisa Minns, General Counsel & Company Secretary, St Modwen

St Modwen were entering a new phase post pandemic, having been acquired by a Private Equity firm. Setting up three distinct divisions as a basis for a new strategy which would involve both divestment and organic growth, leadership were looking at options to both support their people through ongoing transformation whilst maintaining high levels of performance and productivity.

To engage people across the whole organisation through a menu of flexible CALM options.

To provide bite sized practical support as well as time out to think for more deep rooted mindset and behaviour shifts.

To support senior leadership with role modelling new behaviours for future success.

To improve change agility and optimise business delivery with a successful transition through to the new target operating model through development of individual and team CALM toolkit.

We designed a bespoke CALM development programme which ran over a period of 2 years. Our first step was to analyse existing survey data and map to our CALM model to establish a baseline about how team and organisational culture was working for and against them in their new working context. We then identified CALM change agents and upskilled them via CALM team workshops along with spending time with the senior management team to ensure alignment with overall strategy. This was underpinned by co-creating a set of bespoke digital resources as well as group coaching to work on individual and team challenges.

  • Positive impact on employee sense of wellbeing – 100% agree
  • Positive impact on their work – 90% agree
  • Positive impact on their work/life balance – 100% agree
  • Feeling more connected with others in the team – 90% agree
  • Feeling less likely to be negatively affected by stress and overwhelm at work – 80% agree
  • Feeling more comfortable navigating change – 80% agree
  • Feeling at least 1% calmer, happier and healthier following the programme – 100% agree
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