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Nuclear Sector CALM Design School

Helping the Nuclear Sector become an inclusive industry of choice for people and skills

‘The workplace is changing and it’s now even more important to support people to better navigate the challenges and opportunities of the post-covid world. We need to retain a healthy workforce and attract people to the sector, so it’s important to ensure the best environment we can for the welfare of our staff. We understand this, and that’s why we’re proud to be involved with CALM Design School.’
Andrew Storer, CEO, Nuclear AMRC

‘CALM Design School has given me excellent insights into ‘being’ skills that I haven’t previously had the opportunity to think about. Leaving feeling optimistic and hopeful for the future of Nuclear workplace culture.’
CALM Design School participant

The Nuclear Sector has ambitious growth plans in order to meet net zero targets and respond to the challenges posed by climate change as well as helping achieve energy independence and security. To deliver these plans, the sector needs to attract significant numbers of new people and skills as well as driving a more inclusive culture to meet the needs of next generation talent.


Players across the sector are looking for opportunities to collaborate to help build workplace culture which drives inclusivity into everyday mindset and behaviour and develop a compelling employer brand to attract and retain people both internally and externally.

Initiating CALM Design School, our immersive co-creation innovation experience for next generation leaders, as a joint collaboration between key nuclear players: Nuclear AMRC, Nuclear Institute Young Generation Network, Women In Nuclear UK and the Nuclear Skills Strategy Group to help tap into new ideas to evolve and develop workplace culture.


The stakeholders outlined the key challenges for the focus of the CALM Design School including:

  • improving ownership of change initiatives and better alignment and integration with business as usual activity within organisations
  • building a culture which drives EDI into everyday mindset, behaviour and ways of working similarly to Health & Safety and Quality
  • finding a more effective balance between ‘run’ and‘change’ activity when it comes to people’s time and energy to better enable greater diversity and representation from across the sector in change and strategy initiatives to improve quality of outcomes

We had an overwhelming response to the opportunity to take part in CALM Design School from next generation female leaders from across the sector which resulted in us running a second cohort.


Taking delegate through the CALM Design School innovation process and sharing the CALM toolkit to help them find better balance between doing and being, particularly important through times of business change and transformation, allowed those taking part to co-create a focused design project to support workplace culture transformation both sector wide and within their own organisations.

100% agree that:

  • Taking part in CALM Design School has motivated them to make positive change within the workplace
  • Taking part in CALM Design School has made me think differently about what makes a successful workplace culture
  • Taking part in CALM Design School has give me new tools and techniques to improve my own mental fitness and wellbeing
  • They would recommend CALM Design School to other young professionals
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