Firewalk inspiration for CALM Design

Our minds are the most powerful tool that we possess. They are responsible for how well we live our lives and can create success or failure depending on the mindset choices we make. It controls our thoughts, behaviour and emotions and, last week, I was practising “mind over matter” – a phrase that is used […]

Happy 1st birthday to the CALM hub

This month the CALM hub turns one year old and we’re really proud to see this community grow, helping us develop and co-create a digital platform for anyone interested in workplace wellbeing culture and building great places to work where everyone can thrive. The CALM hub is for anyone interested in workplace wellbeing – because […]

CALM Design School: How a safe space can turbo charge productivity

Poor wellbeing is costing firms across the UK more than £50bn, according to a report from mental health charity Mind. A staggering amount – it shows the value of listening to what your people need, and taking action. At Calm In A Box, we recently launched our first cross Nuclear sector CALM Design School in […]

Cooper Parry join 1% CALMer club

Cooper Parry become first to sign up to our latest workplace wellbeing initiative, our brand new 1% CALMer club. Leading accountancy firm Cooper Parry is the first organisation in the UK to make a pledge tofinding a better work/life balance for its employees by signing up to a unique workplace wellbeinginitiative. The firm, which has […]

CALM thoughts on AI in the workplace

CALM Design School is an innovative programme for next generation leaders aimed at boosting productivity and effectiveness in the workplace and equipping workers the tools they need to thrive, in response to artificial intelligence gathering pace. Multi-millionaire Elon Musk, the owner of Twitter and chief executive of car company Tesla, was one of the key […]

CALMfest 2023

Productivity pressure, instability and the lack of psychological safety in the workplace are the most common factors causing anxiety and stress in the workplace, as the UK marks mental health awareness week between 15th and 19th May. A recent study by global organisation Headspace revealed that nearly half of workers feel a sense of dread […]

CALM Leader Live with Emma Clarke, CEO

CALM Leader Live recently brought the CALM hub an interview with Emma Clarke, CEO of Weston Park Cancer Charity. The epitome of CALM, Emma joined Weston Park in 2019 and was appointed as CEO during the pandemic following a career dedicated to serving the charity sector. Emma is an inspiring and inclusive leader, passionate about […]

CALM Hub Workshop – New Year Nutrition

January’s CALM hub workshop saw our community joined by nutrition coach, Emma Rowett who spent some time with us joining the dots between stress, energy and nutrition. Emma left us with lots of food for thought 🙂 and some great 1% CALMer takeaways. Following a fast paced career in management consulting which led to burnout […]

How to deal with Christmas anxiety

I’ve heard Mo Gawdat talk about his equation for happiness being event minus expectation and this is never more true than when it comes to Christmas. The mental pressure we can put on ourselves to create a Christmas experience which matches those images of perfection in films, what we perceive others to be getting up […]

Introducing CALM Design School

Introducing CALM Design School Both in my previous professional career and today with Calm In A Box, I truly believe that when it comes to culture and behaviour change, there is no one size fits all. And this is particularly true when it comes to thinking about corporate well-being.UNIQUE We’re all unique, individual and different. We […]