How to engage your people in wellbeing activities

Gartner’s 2021 EVP Benchmarking Survey revealed that although 87% of employees have access to wellbeing offerings, only 23% of employees use them.  With this in mind and with a wide range of corporate organisations, home to thousands of employees, we wanted to make sure we support them to drive maximum engagement to help their people […]

Trying out some CALM cryotherapy at London Cryo

In between meetings and events in London the other week, I popped into London Cryo for a cryotherapy session recently. Having long been a fan of cold water therapy – I’ve completed an ice bath challenge for charity, quite happy with a cold shower and also enjoy a cold water dip from time to time, […]

CALMfest is back!

By the meteorological calendar, spring started on March 1. The daffodils are blooming, it’s light until almost 6pm now, and plans are well underway for thisyear’s CALMFest. I’m incredibly excited about CALMFest 2024. Once again, the headline sponsors for the week-longevent are Nuclear AMRC and Nuclear Industry Association, and I’m delighted to havethe likes of […]

Everyone’s talking about chronoworking

Are you an early riser? Or are you at your most productive in the evening, when you’re in yourcomfies and feeling relaxed? There is a new workplace trend called ‘chronoworking’ where employees tailor their working hoursto suit their body clock. This is perfect for those who are most productive outside the traditional 9-5,or for those […]

We are CALM Crowdsourcing this February

Corporate leadership is traditionally associated with experience and age. However, a growing number of young entrepreneurs are challenging this, with young millennials and Gen-Zers occupying leadership positions across the UK – some founding companies and others running teams within established enterprises. But just what do they want from a modern-day workplace? That is what we […]

How to eat 30 plants a week

Our CALM hub recommended reading for January and February is the new book Get Well Stay Well from Dr Gemma Newman aka The Plant Power Doctor and Amazon bestselling author. We were also lucky enough to welcome her on January’s CALM hub workshop to get the inside track on the GLOVES framework and chat about […]

CALM reflections on the Post Office Scandal

Every day there seems to be a new revelation about the Post Office scandal…one of the latest being that Fujitsu staff knew of the software glitches as far back as 1999. According to the company’s European boss, Paul Patterson, staff were aware of various bugs, errors and defects as far back as November 1999 – […]

The power of a CALM environment

A study by the University of Warwick has shown that happiness in the workplace increases productivity by up to 12%. A positive work environment – whatever industry you work in – can contribute to increasedperformance, a boost in commitment and engagement – and you don’t have to look too far for an inspiring example to […]

How to slow down to go faster this Christmas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, but Christmas can, for many of us, also be one of the moststressful and exhausting times of the year. Finding balance in the run-up to Christmas is essential to make sure that you’re still sparkling come December 25th. Here are some ideas that may help if you’re […]

Firewalk inspiration for CALM Design

Our minds are the most powerful tool that we possess. They are responsible for how well we live our lives and can create success or failure depending on the mindset choices we make. It controls our thoughts, behaviour and emotions and, last week, I was practising “mind over matter” – a phrase that is used […]