How HotPod Yoga can help you sleep better

I’ve long been a huge fan of hot yoga and back in the day I would search far and wide for a hot flow. It was a rare find outside of London.

So I was delighted when HotPod came to Derby a few years ago and it’s been a firm favourite when it comes to my own practice.

And let’s face it, it’s often been the only place to find a bit of warmth this Summer!

It was great to receive a kind invitation to the new Sleep Session series at Hot Pod Yoga Derby especially as sleep is always a huge talking point when it comes to finding 1% CALMer. 

It’s also consistently a hugely popular session at CALMfest and the recent stats from The Sleep Charity show that 40% of adults suffer with sleep issues at any given time, with 60% feeling that there isn’t enough support for people struggling with their sleep.

And for busy businesses going through lots of change, good sleep is a precious enabler of high performance and 21st century workplace effectiveness.

The HotPod Sleep Sessions are all about hitting ‘pause’. It’s an intentional shutdown to help body and mind recharge. I found the session deeply restorative and rejuvenating – like being cocooned within a cocoon – with the purple lowlights and chilled beats, inside the pod you can more easily find another level when it comes to relaxation.

As for the yoga, it’s sleep inducing with a gentle heat, lots of supportive props and a soft, flowing routine comprising gentle stretching and meditation. It is advanced slowing down, which for me personally, is ideal for a Sunday night.

Find out more on the HotPod Yoga website with pods nationwide:

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