The big CALM questions survey: why should you get involved?

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Our core philosophy at Calm In A Box is to do well, you need to be well.

Easy to say but often not easy to do at work for a whole host of very real reasons.

We show up at organisations, large and small, to help disrupt traditional thinking around this to find new ways of co-creating work/life brilliance using our unique CALM model and toolkit.

We bring our knowledge and passion around designing brilliant workplace cultures where people can really thrive…

…but where it gets really exciting is our ability to bring our expertise around co-creation, human centred design and crowd sourcing into the mix….

…because you know what’s going to work best for you, your team and your business – not only landing culture change, but sustaining it.

Supporting our B2B offering, the CALM Hub is our free digital community to help people connect, upskill and fulfil their potential for work/life briiliance.

Also with co-creation and crowd sourcing at the heart, we build and shape content co-created by you, for you.

So it’s time for us to ask you again what you’re thinking and feeling right now about work…

For 5 minutes of your time, we’ll be able to extract the data to help shape and develop how we work with you and your leaders to better navigate the challenges of the 21st century workplace.

Supporting you at work to slow down to go faster, deal with change at pace and knock it out the park when it comes to productivity and innovation.

Here are three reasons why you should get involved:

We know that surveys are still great predictors of behaviour

When people are asked directly what they think, the trends prove to be more accurate than relying on other methods of insight gathering and data analysis. This opens up a powerful channel for people’s voices to be heard with a strong rationale for your organisation to build a compelling case for action in response.

Surveys are your opportunity to be heard

Taking part in a survey allows you to proactively own and shape the agenda. It turns out that having your say will leave a positive impact on you (even if you don’t get an immediate outcome). In short, it’s good for you to share your thoughts and feelings, especially on complex topics. People want to be seen, heard and valued and your input is very important to us and directly impacts our work.

Surveys are a critical vehicle for changing behaviour

Just by asking questions and opening up listening channels, behaviour can and will start to shift. According to the Harvard Business Review, if you survey people on whether they’d like to volunteer, volunteering rates spike from 4% to 31%. Poll people about whether they’re planning to buy a new computer in the next six months and they become 18% more likely to do so. Behaviour shifts because questions prompt reflection.

So what are you waiting for? Get involved here, now. We want to hear your views!