Trying out some CALM cryotherapy at London Cryo

In between meetings and events in London the other week, I popped into London Cryo for a cryotherapy session recently.

Having long been a fan of cold water therapy – I’ve completed an ice bath challenge for charity, quite happy with a cold shower and also enjoy a cold water dip from time to time, I’m keen on cryotherapy. And although cryotherapy isn’t the most easy thing to access for me on a regular basis, it does feels like a bit of a CALM treat from time to time.

When it comes to the cold, the rush you get afterwards, along with the camaraderie and community you get enjoying a hot drink and chat afterwards, and the feeling that you can teach your brain to overcome anything, is hard to match.

Cryotherapy is a short burst of sub zero temperatures for your whole body with a range of wellbeing benefits: boosts blood circulation, unleashes lots of feel good endorphins and anti-inflammatory proteins, it can help with muscle pain and help you recover more quickly from training by reducing inflammation.

There’s also the thrill of it – if this is your thing! You step into the cryotherapy cabin for 2-3 minutes and watch your body temperature plummet. It doesn’t feel as cold as it actually is and there is a member of staff with you at all times ensuring you’re safe. You can ask to come out at any time. 

I spent two minutes at around -108 degrees celsius. Afterwards I had a huge energy rush, like I was on top of the world, which given I had an evening event to get to and then the last train home, was quite handy 🙂

Although you feel an immediate impact, if you are looking to improve ongoing conditions, then you do need regular treatments.

London Cryo offers cryotherapy and a range of other wellbeing treatments such as Red Light Therapy and CryoSkin. They have three clinics across central London and the staff were lovely and welcoming. As treatments are short and non-invasive, you can pop in whilst you are on the go and I was ready in time for my evening event.

If this has caught your interest, we have an exclusive discount on treatments at London Cryo for the CALM community – if you’d like the details, then drop me a DM.

Coming next on the CALM hub….

The hybrid debate rages on with recent news of more large organisations mandating a 5 day return to the office. 

If you are battling with this and want to hear more about how to create a workplace destination, which people want to be part of (at least a couple of days a week ;)) then on April 19 on the CALM hub, I’m going to be joined by the brilliant Tina Batham, Managing Director of Office Principles, where we’ll be discussing how Tina and her team have co-created award winning work spaces with the likes of Lounge Underwear, Shoosmiths and Arcadis.

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