We are CALM Crowdsourcing this February

Corporate leadership is traditionally associated with experience and age.

However, a growing number of young entrepreneurs are challenging this, with young millennials and Gen-Zers occupying leadership positions across the UK – some founding companies and others running teams within established enterprises.

But just what do they want from a modern-day workplace?

That is what we want to know, and that’s why – as we mark Time To Talk Day; an initiative from mental health charity Mind to, quite simply, get people talking – we have launched an exciting Crowdsourcing campaign for Gen Zers.

A Crowdsourcing campaign involves obtaining information and opinions from a large group of people and so we’re asking what 16-29-year-olds value in the workplace.

We want to hear – either in a written form, blog, vlog, social media post or voicenote – what this generation want, whether it’s flexible working, continuous personal development, maintaining a work-life balance or something else…

We’re keen to hear first-hand of the new approaches and fresh perspectives that Gen Zers bring. You can share your thoughts by sending them across to by 28th February.

We’ll select the ones which makes us most curious and the creators will receive some CALM goodies.

Speaking of inspirational leaders, I’ll be joined by Gemma Edwards of Cooper Parry in our next CALM Leader Live series.  

The CALM Hub interviews dynamic and progressive leaders who share their views on CALM culture and why to do well, you need to be well

Gemma is Head of Transformation and Partner with Cooper Parry and is a real tour de force when it comes to leading for people in business for better outcomes.

We’ll be talking to Gemma about the critical role of culture and leadership when it comes to self-development, as well as supporting the team to help them find 1% CALMer.

The event takes place online on Friday, February 16th from 9.30am-10.15am. You can either sign up for the event, or ask for the recording to be sent to your inbox.

Book your space here

CALMFest returns for 2024

We will also be bringing back CALMFest in May, and the event will be kindly sponsored by Nuclear ARMC and Nuclear Industry Association.

The week-long festival of events, activities and challenges will run online during Mental Health Awareness Week (May 13-17) and we will be hosting three sessions per day on mental health-related topics such as gut health, sleep, nutrition and financial wellbeing with our expert partners.

We’ll be raising funds for charity Mind, too, and there will be prizes up for grabs and a chance to connect as a community during the final session.

All events will be booked via the CALM Hub and session recordings will also be made available for seven days. Bookings close on March 31, so you’d best be quick! We’d love to have you join us! Get in touch – for more details.