Firewalk inspiration for CALM Design

Our minds are the most powerful tool that we possess. They are responsible for how well we live our lives and can create success or failure depending on the mindset choices we make.

It controls our thoughts, behaviour and emotions and, last week, I was practising “mind over matter” – a phrase that is used to describe the use of mental willpower to overcome physical challenges – when I took part in the Derby County Community Trust Firewalking event at Pride Park Stadium.

The event was to raise funds for the great work done by the charity, and it won’t be the first time that I’ve taken part in such an event; I have firewalked before with the brilliant Olivia Bearsmore but it was interesting to see how it doesn’t stop the monkey mind from overthinking it again!

Although I’ve done it before, firewalking is something that pushes me out of my comfort zone. The feeling you get, though, after completing it, is one of exhilaration, pride and empowerment.

Always a magical experience – the power of mindset, the mastery of mental fitness, the beauty of community and the strength that comes from clarity of purpose, here is how a firewalk can prove inspiration for CALM Design and 1% CALMer at work and at home.

Connect with Me:  whenever you take on a challenge like this it immediately brings a group together. Turbo charging connection and collaboration, the whole group becomes quickly united in the face of the challenge ahead. It breaks down barriers and creates space for real, authentic dialogue around what’s coming. Likewise having a clear purpose and becoming fully committed to it – it’s instantly noticeable how much this helps to focus mind and body in a powerful way.

All of Me Matters: awareness is the key foundation block for CALM culture and mindset work and something we work on in every CALM intervention whether with groups, individuals or whole organisations. And there’s nothing quite like a firewalk for helping you build awareness of where your mind can go to when faced with a challenge. By taking steps to reflect on how your mind is being helpful (and when it’s not!) to make choices which serve you when it comes to what’s next. There are always options and creating space for the mind to connect and explore these is critical when it comes to finding 1% CALMer.

Let Me Rest – managing your energy as your most precious resource is front and centre when it comes to firewalking. Getting your energy into the right place for you to accomplish the challenge balanced with respecting the energy around you – the fire often has a lesson for you when it comes to what you really need in that moment – as well as what you don’t.

Motivate Me – experimentation is key when it comes to facing change and challenge and a firewalk is an experiment which can teach you so much about yourself, about your mind, about what you are really capable of – much more than you can often, ever, imagine!

A huge thank you to Matt Hill and Focus Group for sponsoring me to do this – especially for sorting the non-flammable t-shirt! Looking forward to the next challenge!