The CALM model

The mission of Calm In A Box is to help individuals and organisations live calmer, happier and healthier lives to find work/life brilliance in the right way for them.

The CALM model

All of our work is underpinned by the CALM model which has been created from extensive research into what helps people become more resilient, deal more effectively with stress and anxiety and develop a life or a culture in the workplace which supports better wellbeing for themselves and for others.

So what is the CALM model about…?

The C is all about connecting with yourself and others through supportive conversations.

First we need to understand and connect with ourselves and figure out what really matters to us – what are our values and have we shaped our life and work around them. Building trusted connections with others who have similar values and working in groups where we feel the purpose is aligned helps us to feel we are able to share openly and contribute to something positive. For leaders, this is all about role modelling the human need for regular and authentic connection in a way which balances care for people with business outcomes.

The A stands for all of me matters.

We hear many stories from people who feel they have either lost sight of their true selves or spend much of their time hiding who they are in order to fit in and to achieve material success. This can be hugely draining and create deep levels of stress and anxiety. As people we need to feel that we don’t have to fit into a box to be able to contribute but that we can be accepted for who we are as well as what we do. It’s critical that leaders and organisations understand that their people all have unique strengths. We also all have lives outside of work and face all sorts of different challenges which need to be brought out into the open and supported. It’s ok to be you and that’s enough.

The L is a reminder to let me have time for rest and recovery.

The modern world and modern work means information overload and often overwhelm. Our brains are bombarded with so much from the moment we wake up to the moment we go to sleep. We are all starting to acknowledge the challenge in allowing space and time for our minds to restore and rebalance. At work, jobs now require increasing levels of creativity, innovation, problem solving, resilience and agility. To be effective, it’s no longer about being productive in the traditional sense during traditional working hours. We need time to think – and our best ideas often come to us when we are not sat at a desk in front of a computer or in meetings. It’s critical that leaders build in time out for their people individually and collectively for their minds to be able to function effectively and to avoid burnout.

The M is the challenge to motivate and inspire me to take care of myself and others.

It’s not enough to have intermittent wellbeing interventions and activities that we engage with on and off. Wellbeing is much more than a lunchtime yoga session or having an EAP number you can call. For individuals, it’s about developing a mindset which recognises that you matter and building up the strength to put yourself first. For organisations, it’s about placing wellbeing at the heart of cultural and leadership development to unlock all of the human potential that so often goes to waste. It’s about considering the best way to create and deliver sustainable change, deploying the right tools and techniques for the context at hand and championing kindness and care for the individual for truly positive and long lasting outcomes.

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