Slow Down in 60 with Calm In A Box

Slow Down in 60 is a new monthly get together with the Calm In A Box team to take some time out for you and slow down your mind and body.

Over Zoom, with a different theme each month, you can join a really relaxed group for a guided hour of reflection and connection. You can share as much or as little as you want as we chat through what’s on our minds and work to create some respite from all of the information overload and overwhelm that we can face in today’s world – not to mention the C word.

slow down your body

Last month, we welcomed people to join in comfort, coming along in their PJs with a blanket and a glass of something nice. After checking in and taking time to wind down into the session, we worked to create some space to download all of the thoughts and feelings going around in our heads as we were about to enter lockdown 2.

slow down your mind

We then challenged ourselves to think about what was actually going on for us in that moment, reminding our brains that a lot of the thoughts circling are stories and perceptions and not facts. Reflecting on what a calmer life would look like for each of us, we explored this in turn with support from the rest of the group.


Some of the themes from the group discussion included really identifying what calm meant for them – it can and will look different for each of us and that’s completely ok. We also discussed the huge challenge of finding the right balance in our lives as well as the guilt that we can face when choosing to take some time for ourselves before everyone else.

be present

Closing with a guided mindfulness practice was really well received and along with some beautiful feedback, it was good to hear that many of the group had a really good night’s sleep that night. Calm mission accomplished.

join us

If you are interested in attending a monthly Slow Down in 60 or arranging one for your team or organisation, please drop us an email at