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Looking to soothe some eco anxiety?

Have you heard this phrase? Because I keep seeing, reading and hearing about eco anxiety everywhere. It’s good that we’re talking about it but I think in large part the anxiety comes from not knowing what or how to help the situation. Making an impact can feel difficult and very much out of our control. Goodness knows where the Twitter thing is going (a very reluctant social media user, this is one platform I draw the line on), however I think Elon Musk has got some interesting things to say here to give us all some reassurance that the end of the world isn’t around the corner as long as we’re not complacent… Listen here

How to practise being wrong

From the very beginning, CALM has always led me to the most amazing people with the most amazing stories so over the holidays I was very happy to have been recommended ‘I may be wrong’ by Bjorn Natthiko Lindeblad. It’s a beautiful book. Bjoern shows how letting go of our need for control is about finding the courage to face the uncertainty that is a natural part of life – a key tenet of CALM. It made me smile often and cry a little. Highly recommend

Is there any good vegan cheese out there?

I hear vegans talk sadly about how up til now, there hasn’t really been a vegan cheese that makes the cut. But hope might be on the horizon. I’m an avid Rich Roll fan and I love how candid he and his wife, Julie are when she joins him on his podcast. Julie has created a new NOT cheese which apparently is going to fill that gap for vegan cheese lovers. Delivery only currently in US but watch this space I guess

Why I’ve been a bit obsessed with The Dropout

I originally read about Elizabeth Holmes in the media but then on Disney plus where we’re normally clicking Encanto or Frozen, I saw their latest series with Amanda Seyfried playing Holmes. The Dropout tells the mind boggling story of Holmes as she founded Theranos and went on to convince Silicon Valley, Walmart and a whole host of very high profile private investors in some ground breaking tech that didn’t actually work. I was fascinated to watch how her profile led her down a path of manipulation developing an obsession with winning – at any cost. Separating herself from her actions, there was a moment when she looks in the mirror and starts to create the outward caricature of herself including the black polo neck and the deep voice that became so famous – I can only imagine to be able to cope with what she knew deep down she was doing. It would only be a matter of time before the mask had to come off – but the people cost in the interim was huge. Check it out here

How to dance for 12 hours straight

Definitely easier to do with the most wonderful group of people, a blue curly wig, loads of sunshine, an ice cream van nearby and the people of Ukraine in your heart. If you’d like to still donate, we’d be very grateful, click here