Introducing Sarah Lawfull, Director of the Forest School Association

When spending time in and with nature has thankfully been one of the few things we haven’t been deprived of in recent times, it was great to spend some time with Sarah Lawfull, Director of the Forest School Association and Where the Fruit Is. Passionate about the transforming power of nature for the better, she believes that it can guide you to what you really need, allowing space and time to think and connect.

growing up with nature

Growing up and moving around a lot as a family, Sarah explained that as a child she started to feel she didn’t belong anywhere. Finally settling in Devon, she found solace in the beauty of the surrounding countryside and loved the feeling of being free to roam and explore.

nature connection

This connection with nature didn’t leave Sarah as she grew up. With her own young family as well as in her role as a teacher, she would try and get outside as much as possible. She could see how being in the natural environment led to a greater sense of connection to ourselves and to others as well as promoting learning through discovery.

forest school

The Forest School Association encourages learning in this way for children and for adults facilitating holistic development through play, risk taking and nature connection. Guided by a set of core principles, it helps people to understand that we are part of nature and by developing our relationship with the natural environment, we can start to find a greater sense of calm and fulfilment within ourselves.

healing powers

It is scientifically proven that spending time in nature has a whole range of healing properties and huge benefits for our mental and physical health. During Covid, Sarah explains that this has been one of our constants which ultimately gives us hope that just as nature does, we will keep on moving forwards.

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