Introducing Sarah Gatford and Phoenix Therapies

Try to make life the best you can with what you’ve got is the refreshing mantra of Sarah Gatford who has set up a hypnotherapy business, Phoenix Therapies, as she rises from the flames following a challenging year due to Covid.


Having previously worked as a sign language interpreter in the events industry, everything came to a stand still with the lockdown in March and Sarah worryingly found her business did not qualify for any of the subsequent government support that was put in place.

Passion for words

Already having a passion for Neuro Linguistic Processing (NLP) that she had found helpful when facing challenges in the past, Sarah courageously decided to take back control of the situation. She signed up for an NLP course so she could become an accredited NLP practitioner followed by further qualifications in hypnotherapy and life coaching.

Follow your heart

Realising that these newly found skills were helping her find her true purpose, with true resilience, Sarah founded her new business, Phoenix Therapies, whilst working part time to keep afloat alongside contributing to developing online signing videos during lockdown and advising businesses on how to become more deaf friendly.

business partner

Her mission is to work with businesses to help individuals who are dealing with burnout from Covid through a combination of NLP, hypnotherapy and life coaching. Following a consultation, Sarah puts together a bespoke session which focuses on talking to the subconscious to help people achieve a deep relaxation where they can let go of what’s holding them back and move forward more positively.

hypnotherapy bliss

Having experienced a hypnotherapy session with Sarah, I can confirm that it was a wonderfully relaxing experience which helped me destress and reduce my anxiety levels.

You can find out more about Phoenix Therapies on Facebook @phoenixtherapieseastmidlands and look out for the new website coming soon