Introducing Hannah Schiavone from Well Ordered Living

Hannah Schiavone is a super talented interior designer with a laser eye for detail and a huge passion for all things creative. I was lucky enough to spend some time with Hannah hearing her story and fascinated to hear how she manages modern life, with all of the juggling and craziness that can come along with it, through her creative design talent and capability.

the juggle

Like many of us today, Hannah is always juggling. She balances a full time role working for an interior design agency with being a mum, running a home, as well as two side projects – Well Ordered Living and Small World Studio.

breaking point

Following a difficult pregnancy where she ended up seriously ill but still trying to keep everything going (sound familiar?), Hannah discovered that she could apply her design ability to her own life to try and find that elusive balance for a calmer, happier and healthier existence.

design your calm

She started to take a step back to review the way she lived her life using her critical design eye to develop a better way of coping – and the well ordered living toolkit was born.

well ordered living

By putting small changes in place through trial and error, Hannah was able to feel less anxious and more in control. Some of her strategies include always carrying a ‘Mum Kit’ in her bag so that even now her little boy is older, she is prepared for any mishaps. (I need to do this – I had to use a face mask as a tissue the other day.) She also has a simple capsule wardrobe to cut out the complexity of decision making around what to wear each morning.

Hannah showcases her ideas for creating a simpler, calmer, stress free life in this way on her Instagram account Well Ordered Living. You can also check out her mind blowing creations for children at Small World Studio.

calm inspiration

I’m so glad to have found Hannah through the Calm Community and she is definitely an inspiration to me in developing a calmer, happier and healthier life. And given I’m now starting to house hunt, I’ll definitely be looking to her for advice on my Calm Interiors!

Click here to check out Well Ordered Living