Introducing Jayne Thompson and Cherry Blossom Wellbeing

Jayne Thompson is the beautiful and calming force behind Cherry Blossom Wellbeing which offers holistic wellbeing treatments including Reflexology and Therapeutic Massage in her super relaxing garden cabin or working within organisations to help employees reduce stress and anxiety related problems.

calm inspiration

Following a career in recruitment consultancy, Jayne has witnessed first hand the impacts of burnout on people’s physical and mental health and was inspired to develop a business to help people find calmer, happier and healthier lives. So she decided to retrain in holistic therapy.

get to the root

Jayne’s holistic approach sits at the heart of her therapeutic practice – that as human beings how we feel on the inside is closely connected to how we feel on the outside. Stress and anxiety can often manifest as physical symptoms and whilst traditional medicine focuses predominantly on those symptoms, holistic therapy aims to unblock what is troubling someone at the root cause.

active listening

Really listening to people’s stories around what is going on for them and what has led them to seek treatment is critical for unravelling what might be going on and where help is needed. The treatment can then be tailored to meet the needs of the individual to bring about positive results. Jayne is also passionate about using 100% natural products which are produced locally by other small businesses.

garden oasis

Before lockdown, I was lucky enough to visit Cherry Blossom Wellbeing for some incredibly relaxing reflexology. Sitting in the garden cabin, Jayne pointed through the window to the cherry tree that she said blossoms beautifully every Spring. She explained that she named the business Cherry Blossom as sitting under that tree is one of her own calm places.

japanese wisdom

A Japanese symbol of the precious and fragile nature of life, it’s a timely reminder to be present and mindful and to keep our focus on the beauty of the small and simple pleasures that are around us whilst we can.