Introducing Caroline Hill Nutrition

As we develop our Calm In A Box retreat offer, it’s been brilliant to have the chance to build more new relationships with amazing people in the wellbeing space. Caroline Hill is a registered dietitian and has been offering nutrition services and consultancy for businesses and individuals as part of her freelance consultancy business, Caroline Hill Nutrition.

Passionate about food

Having always had a passion for food –   her first Saturday job was working in a bakery – as well as a personal drive to help and support people achieve better health, Caroline knew she wanted to develop a career which combined the two.

Having studied food and nutrition followed by a master degree in nutrition and dietetics, she started her career in the NHS before moving into a dietitian role in industry. Caroline developed a specialism in gut health and she supports a number of her clients in managing Crohn’s disease with really positive results.

Finding balance

We are all increasingly starting to recognise the link between diet and mental and physical health and Caroline feels strongly about her role in supporting people to find the right balance for them when it comes to food. Her philosophy is that we should move away from labelling food as bad or good as this can drive unhelpful behaviours around changing our eating habits and cause further anxiety for people. We should be aiming for balance in our diet and this is all about enjoying food as well as being nourished by it.

Eating with the seasons

I completely agree with Caroline that it is powerful to see how by making changes to your diet, even the smallest ones, can prevent illness and help manage problematic health symptoms. Her goal is to continue to support and champion following a seasonally led diet, where possible, – eating with the seasons – and to challenge the food industry and consumers to reduce their reliance on processed food which is so readily available. She believes that if we chose to shop, cook and eat around what is seasonally available rather than choose processed foods, this would very quickly have a significant positive impact on our overall health.

Our new retreat partner

I’m honoured that she will be working with Calm In A Box to deliver nutrition workshops as part of our wellbeing day retreats as we work to support people to find calmer, happier and healthier lives.

You can find out more about Caroline Hill and read her fantastic blog at