Introducing Beccy Salmon from Buggy Babes

Getting outside in the fresh air and reconnecting with nature is one of my favourite things to do for my wellbeing. And exercising outdoors really gives me a double hit of positivity.

When I was a new mum, I was really happy to discover Buggy Babes and it became part of my weekly routine when I was on maternity leave. Beccy Salmon is the founder of Buggy Babes, outdoor exercise classes for new (and old!) mums who can bring along their little ones for some fitness and connection with others in the beautiful Darley Abbey park. Beccy is so passionate about fitness and helping others with their wellbeing through exercise. She is a keen tennis player and enjoys walking with her family and their dog as well as running.


Buggy Babes is well established and following a career in Sports Marketing and training as a personal trainer, Beccy started the classes back in 2009 after moving back to Derby and having her first child. Seeing no other ways to do outdoor fitness for new mums, she wanted to create a way for mums to come together to exercise outdoors along with their little ones. The classes involve a range of activities with high and low options so everyone can work at their own pace. The community and connection aspect of the class is also powerful as in between the structured exercises, the group walk through the park and have the opportunity to talk to each other in a relaxed way, swap stories and the little ones also have ready made entertainment watching their mums on the move.

mrs motivator

Beccy is an incredibly motivating force and her values around helping quickly put mums at ease around exercise, feel welcome and safe in the class and at the same time encouraging you to push yourself are really clear. Knowing everyone by name in the class really makes people feel part of something positive and the group also enables mums to build new friendships with likeminded others.

Farm Ex

Buggy Babes has since grown to include personal training sessions for individuals and small groups. Beccy’s Farm Ex sessions take place on her farm and are for groups of people up to eight involving circuit training using weights. With no class ever the same, Beccy is always mixing things up to support people to get the most out of their session in a way which works for them.

Showing up for your wellbeing

During Covid, sessions have continued online with a firm following from the Buggy Babes community. It’s been an important way to support mums to create a routine and a structure during lockdown with some space to focus on themselves and their wellbeing. Lockdown has been such a challenge for all of us in different ways and for new mums giving birth during this time, it’s been fantastic to see that they have still had the opportunity to engage in classes when so much else has been taken away and not available. The feedback for the online classes has been really positive. Showing up for yourself and your wellbeing can often be the hardest part of it and it’s great to get direct support from Beccy in between classes to help give you that reminder and that little push to make that time to connect and move your body.

let’s get back outside

Nevertheless being outside in the park is at the heart of the business and like most of us, Beccy can’t wait to get back to outdoor classes. And with Spring coming, exercising together outdoors is going to be a very welcome return to some normality after the marathon of the last twelve months.

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