How to use your energy to be a CALM leader – co authored with Insights Expert Michelle Hartley from People Sorted

On any kind of development journey, the first important step is to start with building an awareness and understanding of yourself. What are your preferences when it comes to how you spend your time, what sorts of things energise you and what drains you? How do you like to communicate with others and how do you wish others to communicate with you? Only then can you begin to make proactive choices and decisions which help you be your most brilliant self at home and at work.

who are you?

When it comes to your wellbeing, this understanding of your self and developing a greater sense of self awareness is essential. Who you are as a person and who you are as a leader gives you critical insight to take the necessary and sustainable steps to look after you and preserve and balance your energy in a world that’s constantly uncertain and changing and where there are ever increasing demands on your time and resources.

Creating CALM leaders

The Calm In A Box CALM leader programme takes leaders on a journey of self discovery and self development using the CALM model as the guiding force to create a positive wellbeing culture within your organisation through strong leadership behaviour and role modelling so you and your people can live calmer, happier and healthier lives for work/life brilliance.


Insights Discovery plays a key part in this programme and is a world renowned tool to support people in understanding more about themselves and how they like to show up, what really matters to them and how they go about getting things done to achieve their purpose and goals.

When it comes to a leader’s approach to wellbeing for themselves and others, here’s a snapshot of the four energies and the sorts of things they will most value.

Fiery Red energy – be bright, be bold, be gone “Let’s do it now”

Those that lead with Fiery Red are all about delivery and committed execution. Leaders with a preference for Fiery Red energy like to be constantly striving towards clear outcomes and are determined to ensure things get done.

On a good day they are great at giving direction and enjoy a healthy sense of competition. On a not so good day, they can come across as controlling and aggressive.

When it comes to wellbeing, those that lead with Fiery Red are very likely to want to have a clear plan in place with measurable outcomes. They will appreciate tangible and actionable ideas that they can put into practice with visible results. They would benefit from sometimes stepping back to explore in more depth their own and others’ emotional and spiritual wellbeing needs and taking time to consider that sometimes you need to slow down to go faster.

Sunshine Yellow energy – involve me “Let’s do it together”

Bouncing around, full of enthusiasm with a love of creativity and new ideas, those that lead with Sunshine Yellow energy like to spend time collaborating with others on inspirational projects that they can showcase to the world.

On a good day they are highly charismatic and influential. On a not so good day, they can be somewhat hasty and start more things than they actually finish.

When it comes to wellbeing, those that lead with Sunshine Yellow energy will love any initiative that is new and innovative and involve likeminded others. Likely to want or have all the latest kit, they will be hugely inspired by the big ideas around wellbeing. Sometimes however, they will need to scale things down and focus on creating those small habits in a disciplined way to create a sustainable wellbeing plan that they can stick to for them to see helpful results.

Earth Green energy – show me you care “If we’re doing this, let’s do it harmoniously”

Earth Green energy is all about harmony and relationships – caring for people and taking a thoughtful approach to everyone’s needs. They often remember lots of special and small details about others and like those around them to do the same for them.

On a good day they are excellent at creating harmony and making people feel special. On a not so good day, they can really struggle with challenge and conflict which can prevent issues being faced constructively out in the open.

When it comes to wellbeing, they will really respond to the importance of helping themselves and others to take care and and look after themselves better. They may sometimes struggle to prioritise their own needs over everyone else’s which can leave them feeling depleted and stressed.

Cool Blue energy – show me the data “Let’s do it right”

With a love for the facts and figures, people that lead with Cool Blue energy enjoy ensuring all the details have been checked and double checked.

On a good day they help ensure that things are well thought through and considered before being put into practice. On a not so good day, they can be susceptible to analysis paralysis and become very risk averse which can stop them moving forward.

When it comes to wellbeing, those that lead with Cool Blue energy will like to have a good understanding of the benefits to themselves and others and ensure those benefits are backed up with reliable data. They would benefit from considering remaining open to new and unproven ideas and on occasion throwing caution to the wind and trying something new or different.

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