How to manage your energy as we rediscover our freedom

After the journey of the last twelve months, whatever has been your individual experience, lockdown life has taken it’s toll on our energy levels as we’ve worked to process and deal with both the uncertainty of what’s coming next and then living through whatever challenges that particular phase has brought about.

hope on the horizon

I can sense now lots of hope on the horizon for Spring and for the future but it’s also worth considering how further transitions, and in many ways, still a deal of uncertainty, will continue to impact how we feel. So as we move towards some greater freedom, (on the Calm Poll, 6% of you already have plans for 21st June!) here are some thoughts on how to keep on top of your energy levels…

Energy audit

Consider what types of activities energise you the most. Is it when you are around lots of people? Is it when you are engaged in something creative and coming up with lots of ideas? Is it when you go for that quiet walk on your own with the dog? Building an awareness of when and how you build up your energy (and similarly what sorts of things drain your energy) will help you spot why you might be feeling on top of the world or ready for an early night. Then you can decide what you need more consciously when an energy boost is required.

write your story

Reflect back and write down something that you are really, really proud of from the last few months. Writing it down is a powerful way of helping the brain to sort out all of the thoughts and feelings we have about ourselves and what’s happened. By writing something positive, our brain also picks up on those connections in our brains which will unlock those feel good hormones. This, in turn, will help us do more of the stuff we enjoy and gives us a lift.

Radiators and drains

We talked about this during last month’s Slow Down in 60 – considering who in your life acts as a radiator for you – bringing that sunshine energy leaving a positive and uplifting impact. And then who can act as a drain on your energy. I’m not saying that people are either radiators or drains but it can be helpful to consider the impact people who you spend time with have on you and your energy. This could well be down to the feelings they can set off inside your head and your heart which they may be completely unaware of. You, however, can then make sure, you seek out some of the radiators in your life, and avoid the drains, at times when your energy levels need protecting.

say thank you

Gratitude gives us a significant boost to our energy and our wellbeing. Seek out that person who you want to recognise this month for something they have done and make sure you say thank you. Sending a handwritten note can have an even greater positive impact on how we feel. It will also be great for the other person to hear and receive which in turn will make you feel even better.

Practise ‘not now’

Most people find it hard to say no – it can trigger off all sorts of feelings and emotions and so to avoid this we can say yes to too much which can obviously then have a negative impact on our energy levels. As we move out of restrictions, many will be eager to get the diary filled back up but taking things steady will be important so we don’t end up overwhelmed. Prioritising what’s most important to you and what’s important to the people and things that you most care about can be a helpful way to live more intentionally, putting you back in control of your time. And for everything else on the to do list, ‘not now’ can be a helpful reframe if ‘no’ feels too harsh.