How to Hybrid

The ongoing debate around how we are all going to be working post pandemic is hotting up all around and with many of us, myself included, feeling drained by such a long period of working in isolation with human connection only available through the screen, it’s a debate that we are keeping a close eye upon.

lockdown fatigue

I’ve heard it termed as ‘lockdown fatigue’ but hope is on the horizon, as with lockdown beginning to ease (hopefully for good this time), we can start to figure out how we’re going to start to build cultures at work that allow us to get the right balance to keep our energy levels, sense of purpose and our ability to fully engage in what we do as high as possible.

how to hybrid

Many organisations of all shapes and sizes are trying to navigate how to create the new normal around hybrid working. The challenge is how can we get the double benefit of flexibility – something we all need in some shape or form for calmer, happier and healthier lives – along with the necessary and important connection that comes from getting together in person?

Hybrid working seems to be the obvious answer which is great in principle but how exactly will it work in practice? Especially when what that hybrid working will look like is possibly different depending on the team, the individual and the nature of the work involved.

growth mindset

Firstly it’s critical to approach this challenge with openness and a growth mindset. This is new for all of us and sometimes we’re going to get it right and sometimes we won’t – so accepting there is definitely going to be an element of trial and error as we explore this is key.

keep talking

Supporting people through this with regular and transparent communication – in all directions and at all levels – will be really important to avoid creating vacuums where people make up their own story as to what is happening which could raise levels of stress and anxiety even further given how prone our clever minds are at looking for threats and problems first.

arianna’s thoughts

A lot has been, and is being, written on the skills required going forwards for this new era of hybrid working. One of the most interesting articles, I have seen is from Arianna Huffington – The New Hybrid Work Model Will Require Hybrid Skills. She talks about how critical it will be to redefine our traditional perceptions around productivity, embedding wellbeing at the heart of organisation and team culture, reviewing carefully how and when to use tech and of course, supporting leaders to role model these new behaviours to give permission to everyone else to follow suit.

CALM culture

Through the CALM model, the key skills and behaviours for cocreating and successfully implementing hybrid working as part of developing a culture where to do well, you need to be well, are brought to life.

And as we move into this new era, another key consideration is to accept that left to chance that this transition will not happen by itself. People not only need and want to understand what hybrid working will look like for them but also time and support to figure out how we develop the necessary culture, behaviours and skillsets required to make hybrid working our new reality which enables work/life brilliance in a way which can work for all of us.

what do you think?

What’s on your mind about hybrid working? And how successful do you think this transition will be? I’d love to know – drop me a line at and tell me.