How to have a miracle morning

A few months ago, after multiple attempts, I finally managed to fit meditation into my routine in a sustainable way which worked for me. Having listened to the meditation teacher, Light Watkins, he shared that meditation was best done first thing in the morning or last thing at night. More importantly for me he also shared that you didn’t have to sit upright but that you could meditate in any position that was comfortable to you. At night, I would always fall asleep and in the morning, I could never bring myself to get out of bed. So meditating for ten minutes just after I woke up and still in bed started to work well for me.

Finding Miracle mornings

Recently I’ve developed my morning routine after discovering an amazing session which starts at 6am called Miracle Mornings. Run by a group of Arbonne consultants who wanted to build a community committed to starting the day with positivity, gratitude and affirmation, they have set up a daily Zoom call which does exactly that.

starting your day with calm

The group is named after a book called the Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod which talks about the way to start your day in the best possible way before you do anything else. There are six key things that will make a significant difference to how you think and feel as you go through the day.


His acronym for these six key vital ingredients is SAVERS which will set you up effectively for the day ahead. S is for silence and in practice in the sessions, this takes the form of a group meditation. A is for affirmation – a set of positive statements about you said in the present tense. V is for visualisation – manifesting a positive vision of the day ahead. E is for exercise but this isn’t incorporated in the Miracle Morning session. R is for reading – time is allocated for us to read our own book and you can also share what you are reading with the rest of the group if people are looking for inspiration. The last S is for scribing – or journalling – and we normally journal our thoughts around the daily theme of the session.

making it work for you

It’s totally relaxed – and you don’t have to switch your camera on at 6am – I watch from bed with a cup of hot water and lemon. There is no interaction required with the group so you can just take in what the host is saying as you work through each of the activities at your own pace. Each day is hosted by a different member of the group and each session is unique in it’s own way. At the end of each session, the host plays a song which then sets us up for the day. Some of my favourites have been Happy by Pharrell Williams, I Believe by The Happy Clappers and Hall of Fame by The Script.


It really is transformational as with repeated daily practice of SAVERS, this starts to reprogram the brain to feel calmer, happier and healthier. As the group look to reflect on what they are grateful for, what their strengths are and write this down, it starts to bring about a whole new way of thinking. And new thinking leads to new behaviour. And new behaviour leads to new outcomes in all parts of your life.