How to have a calm staycation – Cadland Beach Hut

We were lucky in some ways this year as we had already planned to holiday in the UK over the summer and had booked up before Corona hit us.

Beach Hut Life

I’d seen some beach hut life on Instagram and decided that would be great for my little girl and I as we love the outdoors, beautiful views, pottering around (ideally in the sunshine) whilst at the same time having some home comforts around us.

The beach huts at Cadland Estate looked perfect. Situated on the Solent on a strip of beach facing the Isle of Wight, they have two gorgeous beach huts at the end of a pretty row.

And it really was idyllic.

Down the wooden steps

We arrived late afternoon and ran down the wooden steps on to the beach and found our hut right at the end so we had the hustle and bustle of beach hut life to our left and the most peaceful and calming pebble beach with some woodland (and a swing, my little one noted) to our right.

The beach huts themselves are beautifully finished, eco friendly with no WiFi or TV. It was going to be one of those holidays that you hope your little ones are going to remember for a long time. We could relax and be present and find time in the small things. We hunted for heart shaped stones on the beach, paddled in the water, watched the boats go past and sat out on the decking as luckily we had a good weather week.

Inside it was cosy and fun with a little kitchen for preparing snacks, a comfy seating area for when the weather turned a bit, and a cabin style staircase that my little one loved playing on. Upstairs was a mezzanine with space for 5 to sleep and although you couldn’t stand up, it didn’t matter as part of the experience was crawling up into bed every night.

Connected to the sea

One of the best things were the fold back doors so you felt connected to the beach and the beautiful seascape at all times and in all weathers. Although super quiet in the evenings, it didn’t matter because it was so relaxing – you could just watch the lights come up over the coastline and take in the moon. It really was stunning.

Fell in love with SUP

We spent a lot of time on the beach and walked the length of the shore a few times, checking out the other beach hutters and sitting down with an ice cream to look out at the sea. One of the best things was our very kind neighbours let us have a go on their paddle boards. We’d watched them a few times set off and particularly when the sea was like a millpond it looked like one of the calmest things you could ever choose to do. Having a go on the last day (it’s often the last day isn’t it when you find something you wish you had on the first day) was brilliant although I found it hard to stand up. I did manage it twice but fell in both times and so stayed on my knees to enjoy the experience! I’m going to blame it on the fact that I still can’t fully feel my left foot after my back trouble last year! I definitely want to try it again.


Locally we had the New Forest to explore and marvelled at the cows and horses in all sorts of random places. We had a lovely day in Lymington and took a boat trip over to the Isle of Wight which was easy to do.

We were happiest back at the beach hut though. Waking up to walk out of where you are staying straight onto a beach sunrise was unbelievable and feel really lucky to have had the experience there.