How to deal with constant transitions

Dealing with transitions or any sort of change is hard on our brains and our bodies. As human beings we are programmed to prefer to keep things as they are, particularly if our situation is perceived as safe and familiar. No wonder then that one of the hardest parts of the last twelve months has been coping with new and uncertain information on a very regular basis.

feeling the fear

Although we have got used to expecting change to some extent, the way we are living does take it’s toll on our wellbeing. Living with uncertainty and under the threat of, or with actual hardship, whatever that looks like for each of us is overwhelming, exhausting and anxiety inducing.

ways to cope

Here are some helpful ways to cope when it can feel like you are just done with all of the changes and being stuck in the messy middle before you know where things are going to end up.

Managing your mindset

Acknowledging that you are in transition is an important first step. It can be really tempting to panic and try and rush the in-between stage as it’s so difficult for your brain to process. Accepting that this is going to bring up difficult thoughts and feelings is key before you can get your head around being ok with it. Make sure you take good care of yourself, rest and rebalance when you need to and most importantly think about who you have around you who can support you.

how can i grow

Once you’ve got to a place of acceptance, start to think about where you have opportunities to learn and grow from the experience of being in transition. It’s going to feel hard and difficult but a positive and helpful reframe can be to use it as an opportunity to explore new ideas or new connections which might help you during this period. This can even turn a period of transition into time which is rewarding, interesting, productive, even enjoyable! Maybe I’m going too far…but there can be unexpected benefits from being in transition.

start small

Take small steps and focus on the here and now in balance with the bigger picture. Break down your life during transition into achievable, daily goals and have confidence that they will add up to moving you forwards to greater clarity and stability. If you start to feel wobbly, make the goals even smaller. And congratulate yourself for completing each and every one, even if you don’t think it’s a big deal. During transitions, taking any sort of a positive action, is absolutely a big deal, so make sure you celebrate when you do.