How to create your own restflix

I do like a bit of TV now and again to help me switch off and signal to my mind and body that work is done and I am taking a break. I’ve also noticed that I’ve come to create myself my own Restflix – some go to programmes that bring me calm and solace when everything is getting a bit too much. Here’s my list:

Gone fishing

This series is just beautiful. Not only do you get to see the most stunning landscapes with beautiful videography across the nation, I find the relationship between Paul and Bob so heartwarming. They have a true connection, wrapped up in banter and laughs but shot through with touching moments which shows the real and deep affection they have for each other. You can also feel the poignancy as having both suffered from serious health problems, they often contemplate the fleetingness of life and the importance of being mindful of the small and beautiful moments we can find from spending time in nature with an old friend.

Nigel Slater & Mary Berry

Cooking programmes help me find calm when I am at my most stressed and anxious. I could spend hours watching back to back episodes of my favourites and I know it’s a sign I need to look after myself if I start doing this regularly. Two of my absolutely favourites have to be Nigel and Mary. I love listening to Nigel draw connections between his cooking and his memories and how passionate he is about using cooking to show those most important to you how much you care about them. And I probably don’t need to justify why Mary makes me feel safe and calm – I find her the embodiment of kindness and compassion.

Gavin and Stacey

I never really watched this properly the first time around and so this, for me, is a lockdown discovery. I love it and it took me a little while to figure out why. Obviously it’s beautifully written and very funny but I think it’s actually how authentic, open and real each of the characters are that really makes me feel so uplifted when I watch it. They are all genuine people who aim to get the best out of life and behind the laughs, you can see they all love each other tenderly. This is a case study of real human connection and a reminder to laugh as much as you can through life’s ups and downs.

Gardeners World

This one was a real signal to me that I’m getting old! I don’t actively watch a whole episode but I do love to have it on in the background as I find the sound and the sight of it so calming and relaxing. One day I will actually learn how to garden!

Selling sunsets

I always liked The Hills so when this came along I had to give it ago and quickly became hooked – although I thought I was starting to move on from my past addiction to ’structured reality’. I’m glad I made an exception for this and I love it for the same reasons I loved The Hills – interesting characters, addictive to watch group dynamics, stunning background scenery and sunshine and despite the glamour and beauty, I think you still get to feel the human vulnerability, kindness and affection behind the drama.