picnic in long grass

How to create a calm picnic

I always loved the idea of picnics but never seemed to get around to making it happen – too many other tempting options in a pre lockdown world and let’s face it, the weather in the UK isn’t exactly reliable.

Lockdown however brought me what I had been missing – time and beautiful sunshine – and so now was definitely the time to get properly into picnics.

They are now one of our favourite things to do and ways to ‘eat out’ with the added bonuses of saving money, giving us some quality family time and getting us outdoors into nature which is so calming and happiness inducing.

With most of the summer holidays still ahead, here are 5 tips for creating a calm picnic…

Dress for all weathers

I immediately get miserable if I am either too hot or too cold and so dressing in layers is key. I’ve not mastered the instagram look to my picnics yet (and not sure I even want to) and I definitely make sure I dress for comfort. I have to be warm enough or cool enough and most importantly be able to sit and lounge in whatever position is comfy – so no short skirts or dresses!

Choose the right picnic spot

I’m lucky to have lots of options where I live but my ideal spots have a lovely view, are peaceful and not in the middle of lots of other picnickers, have access to some shade and don’t involve too long a trek to get to. There’s nothing worse than a picnic that takes you ages to get to so you are starving and tired with everyone moaning, leaves you open to blazing heat or freezing cold and is in the middle of lots of crowds so it’s noisy and cramped or feeling like you’ve got to move on sharpish as people hover round your spot or table.

Pick and mix

Don’t worry about having to make mountains of sandwiches. I have been taking a range of different options which can people can pick and choose from to suit. The healthy and the not so healthy. To save even more time, you can buy them in their ready made packs so you don’t even have to box things up – you can just chuck everything in the bag and go.

Be prepared

Tissues, hayfever tablets, rubbish bags, outdoor games, know where you can go to the toilet.

But don’t overthink it

And don’t feel you have to over do it. Whether it’s a full on celebratory get together or just enjoying a couple of impromptu beers in the sunshine… keep it simple and enjoy being outside just on your own or with your loved ones.