How to calm your skin

Lately I have been feeling a greater sense of hope in the air as we seem to have started to make progress towards a greater sense of normality with the lockdown roadmap and some dates for positive changes to be able to start reconnecting to the outside world.


Personally I feel it’s a little like starting to consider emerging from a cocoon, having spent most of the last twelve months working, homeschooling and living at home. I love being at home but even for me, like most people I’m hungry to spend some time outside of the same four walls and to start seeing people for real life interaction away from my computer screen.

lockdown life

Lockdown has definitely left it’s mark on me emotionally and physically, as it has for most if not all of us in some shape or form. My skin is one way that my body starts to quickly show when I am stressed or depleted and I’ve been an eczema sufferer all of my life. Coupled with central heating and winter time, my skin has been incredibly stressed and dry during tis time. I’ve also become convinced that over lockdown 3 in particular, I have really started to show increased signs of ageing on my face and increasing numbers of grey hairs! With the UK starting to reopen, I’m now looking forward to a professional haircut for the first time since July last year and I’ve also been focusing some of my self care routine around soothing my poorly skin.

by sarah london

I’ve been aware of the beautiful products from By Sarah London for some time now and so I’ve started to build in an evening ritual using their Organic Facial Oil. I know that it’s the time out for me, even if it’s just 10 minutes, to relax and restore whilst I apply the oil to my face, that really helps me slow down my mind after a busy day. Along with lighting a candle and lying down on my bed whilst focusing on my breathing, it’s building in these small moments that can add up to having a really positive impact on your physical and emotional wellbeing.

two sisters on a mission

I love working with artisan brands who have a powerful story and I connected easily with Sarah and Lauren’s. When Lauren was battling leukaemia, her sister Sarah went on a search for some skincare to help soothe her increasingly dry, irritated and hyper sensitive skin.

natural, homemade skincare

When Lauren left hospital, Lauren’s skin was repopulating with the microbiome that was previously established in infancy and early childhood. It was delicate, fragile and reacted to many natural ranges. So Sarah took matters into her own hands, literally. Central to Sarah’s research and formulations were innovative plant blends that would actively support and promote a healthy biome. The result? Sarah’s original formulations were not only loved by Lauren but sought after by friends and family – and the seeds of By Sarah London were born. With recent technology and research into the role of microbes on the skin, Sarah continues to formulate the By Sarah London skincare with the primary aim of supporting the skin’s microbiome through innovative, plant-oil blends that deliver vital nutrients, enzymes and lipids.

self care for skin

Lauren’s challenges with her skin at this time are described in such a similar way to the way my own skin can behave when I’m feeling stressed and tired. I’ve found that by combining it with my self care rituals, it has really helped settle my skin and leave it feeling much more nourished, less sensitised and certainly less visibly dry.

face and body

Their multi award-winning skincare is handmade from the highest-quality natural and organic, plant-based ingredients. Lauren and Sarah choose organic ingredients where possible to support the health of our soils and global communities, and choose cold-pressed oils which maintain their nutrient content and absorb easily into the skin. The product range includes oils, cleaners, balms and masks for face, body and hair.

calm discount

If you are interested in trying any of the By Sarah London product range, email me at for a 10% discount on your first purchase.

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