How to build a calm team

Having always worked for large corporate organisations during my career in Human Resources, for a long time I’ve harboured a wish to be able to become more meaningfully involved with charity work and charitable organisations. Although I had run fundraising engagement initiatives and charity affiliations through the companies I worked for, I’d never really had the opportunity to feel as if I was contributing in a more direct and personal way.

a life with more meaning

Through my work with Calm In A Box, becoming involved with and developing partnerships with charities linked to causes that are close to my heart, was always part of the vision and strategy. So I was delighted that recently I had the opportunity to start working with Safe and Sound Group – a Derby based charity who work to support children and young people who are at risk of abuse and exploitation.

safe and sound

Through a range of innovative and hands-on programmes, the Safe and Sound team work closely with both the children and their families to work towards a place of safety following abuse and exploitation. Over time, this aims to help all that have been impacted to be able to move forward positively and hopefully go on to unlock their full potential in life.


As you would expect, the team who are involved in this work are a fantastic group of committed and highly skilled employees and volunteers. So it was wonderful that when their CEO, Tracy Harrison, wanted to continue to look for ways to give the team some time and support around their own wellbeing, Calm In A Box was given the opportunity to run the CALM team programme with Safe and Sound.

CALM team

The CALM team programme is run over four sessions and is an introduction to the four dimensions of the CALM model which guides all of the work we do to support people and organisations find calmer, happier and healthier lives for work/life brilliance. Breaking down each of the four dimensions, the programme uses real life stories, data and theory explored through interactive exercises to bring the CALM model to life in a way which works for all involved. The programme supports the team to connect and build a deeper understanding of themselves and each other as they share their thoughts and reflections during each session.

the power of kindness

I have loved working with a team who I know do such important work in the community and who are working extremely hard to support people who really need some help and some kindness in a world when they’ve perhaps not had much of that before. It’s also been great to work with a group who are so open and engaged with considering how to improve their individual and team approach to wellbeing and their wellbeing practice and who recognise the important link between looking after themselves so they are in the best place to look after others. I’m looking forward to the next session already!