How Her Spirit is changing the face of women’s wellbeing

Despite the current weather leaving me inseparable from my hot water bottle, a couple of weeks ago, on a gloriously hot Spring day, I spent a sunbathed afternoon at the beautiful Spring Lakes walking and talking with Melanie Berry, the co founder of Her Spirit. Also passionate about the benefits of being active, eating well and looking after your mental health, it was great to catch up with Mel and share some thoughts and ideas on how to support people to make sustainable positive changes for calmer, happier and healthier lives in a way which works for them.

Real wellbeing for real women

Her Spirit was founded by Mel Berry and Holly Woodford to challenge a diet and fitness industry that they felt is often failing women and needs to change. So they set out to create a supportive and inclusive community that is now helping women of all shapes and sizes to find their mojo and achieve their wellbeing goals.
Having spoken to hundreds of women who are fed up with diets that don’t work, instagram images of wellbeing perfection and 30 day plans that are not realistic, Mel and Holly were determined to challenge the wellbeing industry to find a better way. With too many quick fixes that often fail, they wanted to create something that would help people bring about positive changes that stick whilst feeling good about themselves along the way.

Your pocket coach

So they developed the Her Spirit app – highly engaging and easy to use, the app spearheads their mission to help women become fitter, stronger and healthier. Providing a range of online classes, programmes, tools and advice, they support women to start thinking about their wellbeing by focusing holistically on mind, fitness and diet through small step changes. The app is positioned as a friendly coach in your pocket and it’s really easy to use. The content is regularly updated and you can set up alerts to keep you on track and your wellbeing in mind. There’s a real breadth and depth of helpful, pragmatic wellbeing information without it being overwhelming.

make it work for you

There are free and premium options and you can use it flexibly to suit your needs – there’s even help with figuring out what you want your goals to look like which is so important as knowing what to do to improve your wellbeing can often be the first stumbling block. You can take part in virtual and live challenges and events, join daily classes or follow them on playback to fit your schedule. There are also more structured strength, running, cycling, swimming and triathlon programmes allowing you to train virtually with access to expert coaches.

holistic wellbeing

As well as the focus on moving more and improving fitness, you can access resources and guidance around nutrition and mental fitness including group meditation and mindfulness sessions. It’s great to see a dedicated section of the app focused on supporting women navigate menopause, as more conversations need to open up around this to connect and support people, at home and at work, through a significant life transition which has for a long time been poorly understood by many.

21 day walking challenge

I left that sunny beach at Spring Lakes feeling nothing but inspired by Mel. Having worked with some of the best athletes, coaches and business owners in the world, I can see how, along with Holly, Mel has channeled this knowledge and experience so that Her Spirit can support more women to transform their lives. And before I left, she challenged me to give open water swimming a try which I’m planning for a few weeks time as part of my own transformation and wellbeing journey (minus the hot water bottle though I guess!) For mental health awareness week, a 21 day walking challenge kicks off tomorrow to support women to get out and connect with nature on a walk everyday. You can join the campaign by downloading the tracker from the Challenge section of the app and get walking.

For more information, check out the Her Spirit website