How a calm box sends some calm with love and more

Only a few days left for Christmas shopping now and thank you to everyone for your support and love in sending calm boxes of luxury, artisan wellbeing gifts to those you care about throughout the year that was 2020.

Christmas Calm

Everything at Calm In A Box is underpinned by the CALM model. So here are four ways that sending some calm in a box with love could mean the perfect gift for someone you love this Christmas.

Connect with others

Connection is one of the key factors behind human happiness. We know this all too well after a year of isolation and separation, and although we’ve done our best, in our hearts, nothing can replace the physical contact with other people, a talk over a coffee or enjoying the hustle and bustle of a market or event that we’ve missed out for such a long time now. Sending a calm box can reignite that sense of connection from afar and it has been so inspiring and uplifting to read your notes of kindness and love that get sent with every gift.

All of me matters

Receiving a signal that we matter, that life is messy and complicated, and at times we all need help to step back from all of that and take time to reflect and be kind to ourselves, is so important in today’s world. The calm box sends that signal, not only on receiving it, but also every time we decide to take some time out to enjoy it’s contents. It’s ok to not be ok sometimes and we need to slow down and take care of ourselves in order to remain happy and healthy.

Let Me Have time for rest and recovery

Giving yourself permission to take time out for you without feeling guilty about it can be a huge challenge for people as we often tell ourselves a story that we have to keep going and to be strong. Conversely we need to develop a society which better understands that rest and recovery is essential in order to keep going and to be strong. ‘Being strong’ possibly needs redefining in the modern world to promote a kinder understanding of what this actually means in people. To unlock our full potential at home or at work, we need to ensure we have calm minds and calm bodies to deal with change, build relationships and deal with an ever increasingly complex world at home and at work.

Motivate and Inspire me to take care of myself and others

And lastly, by being able to get out your calm box to take some time out starts to build those tiny habits, not only to build in those important moments of self care, but also to trigger you to start thinking about how important it is to look after yourself and that you matter. Take an hour to relax, rebalance and restore and life’s challenges can start to look and feel different. Not necessarily easier but that you are in a better place to face up to things and to keep climbing up that mountain.

send some calm with love

And you thought it was just a box? It is, but the inspiration and intention behind it can be, and is, so much more.

Last orders for this Christmas by 16th December.