Happy Birthday Slow Down in 60

Very proud to say that this month not only sees Calm In A Box as a B2B offering turn one year old but also Slow Down in 60.

exploring a new way

Slow Down in 60 was created to give people the opportunity to come together to share and connect with themselves and likeminded others to more effectively restore and rebalance energy in the crazy, modern world that we find ourselves in. Launched as a test in the depths of the pandemic, I was surprised and delighted that it seemed to offer a safe haven for people who were seeking some slow during one of the most challenging times we have all experienced collectively possibly in our lifetime.

test of time

I was sceptical that as we started to emerge from restrictions and return to some sort of normal life that the workshop would still be of interest, but delighted to say that the free monthly session is still going strong, attracting a core group of regular Slow Downers as well as new participants looking to dip their toe in the water around developing a wellbeing practice.

learning together

At the heart of the session is learning together how to slow down, which with our western culture being hyper focused on doing and striving, can feel incredibly difficult and produce all sorts of unhelpful thoughts and feelings inside our minds. Even if we do manage to slow down our bodies, our minds can still be going at a million miles an hour. Not only can this leave us with the constant feeling of being ‘on’, it can then drive an inbalance in our hormone production to keep us in fight or flight or to keep us striving on and on for the next thing. Stepping off the hamster wheel and being kind to ourselves is essential in order to take proper care of both our minds and bodies and ensure they can both continue to function effectively.

practicing a new way

Each monthly session enables people to come together and start to build or develop a wellbeing practice around slowing down, sharing the highs and lows of the journey and creating time and space to think about how we do this in a way which works for us as individuals. it’s lovely to see the connections made through shared experiences and the kindness and empathy that is offered by all of the group when considering each monthly Slow Down challenge.

hannirose mindfulness

We close each session with ten minutes of mindful meditation to help people completely switch off and relax before settling down for the evening and a peaceful night’s sleep. Our resident mindfulness teacher, Hannah Colton from HanniRose Mindfulness has led this section of Slow Down in 60 since early summer and does an amazing job.

the art of letting go

Hannah completed her psychology degree in 2003 and having always been interested in mental health began working for the NHS as well as in private social care settings before offering mindfulness classes and programmes. Having been on her own wellbeing journey, she understands how to support other other people to introduce self care into their lives in a way which works for them and the power of mindfulness of rebalancing a busy mind and learning to let go. Hannah also appreciates how people can see and feel so many barriers to connecting to this kind of practice and is passionate about making mindfulness accessible to all grounded in the principle that we are all an expert in ourselves and what we need.

start small

Hannah’s definition for mindfulness is to make a conscious choice to take a break from the noise of the past and future and to find a positive way of creating a spotlight on the present moment. Her advice for anyone new to mindfulness or slowing down is just to try it to feel it and experience it. Start small and find ways to fit being mindful into your everyday life.
You can find out more about HanniRose Mindfulness here https://www.hannirosemindfulness.co.uk/
And you can join Hannah and I every month at Slow Down in 60 – book a ticket for November here https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/slow-down-in-60-tickets-190946946457