Five Day Fit For Calm Challenge

Last month my fitness routine was starting to feel like it was always slipping down my priority list and I could sense the effect of this on my mind and body more and more. I was feeling sluggish and demotivated, generally apathetic about moving and when my anxiety levels started to rise, I was increasingly turning to more unhelpful ways of coping.

Five Day Challenge

I wanted to kick start my approach to my fitness routine as well as remind my brain how much I benefit from getting up and out and moving. So I made myself accountable to the Calm In A Box Instagram community as I knew that would make me follow through on my intentions, and set myself a Five Day Fit For Calm Challenge.


My goal was to try to fit in one fitness session each day for five days and I would also try and make each one different. Since the beginning of lockdown, my go to exercise has been walking and yoga and I wanted to see if by trying something new or by going back to exercise I hadn’t done for a long time, it would revitalise my approach to my fitness.

I set myself the following schedule in advance of the challenge:


Pilates with Pilates at Your Desk – amazingly effective short bursts of pilates, with free content on Instagram. You can do five minutes of pilates which you can fit in at any point in your day wherever you are.


Online workout with Alive Liveing – more free content on Instagram. I sadly didn’t get to try this one out because I ended up overwhelmed that day – on my list for next time.


Yoga with Kat Rooney – I always love spending time doing yoga with Kat and what made this extra special is that my little girl joined in too and was really happy to show Kat her tree pose!


Workout in the park with Becci Salmon Fitness – this was the one I was most scared about as I hadn’t done any cardio exercise for a long time. It ended up being the session that made me feel most inspired, I think because I’d overcome a physical and mental barrier to get out there and do it. Also exercising in the park and connecting with others made it even more uplifting.


I went for my usual long walk with a podcast.

Doing the challenge definitely helped me kickstart a renewed approach to my fitness and made me feel a real sense of achievement, even without completing the whole challenge. It was a struggle to fit in every day but it did prove to me that if you focus on it, you can make it work and for the way you feel afterwards, it’s definitely worth the effort.

Up for doing the challenge with me in January? Drop me an email or DM me and let me know.