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Did you know we only have on average 4000 weeks on this planet?

I read 4000 weeks by Oliver Burkeman, author and Guardian Columnist, over Christmas and thought it was brilliant. Many, many people say to me they don’t have enough time for themselves. This can feel true, but it often comes down to the relationship we have with time that gets in the way, rather than not having time itself. Adam Grant has hailed it the most important book even written on time management. Click here for more https://www.oliverburkeman.com/

What’s an easy way to eat more veg?

When you get back from the supermarket/receive your food delivery, before you put the veg in the fridge, peel it and chop it. By not having to prep the veg when you come to cook, you’re much more likely to add it to your meal and therefore eat more of it. It’s a tiny habit that can make a big difference.

Who’s returning to the office already?

Is ‘to hybrid’ or ‘not to hybrid’ on your mind again now restrictions are easing? I love listening to Bruce Daisley, author of Make Work Better, on this and he’s feeling optimistic despite more than half of organisations not having a clear plan around what’s next. Still so many different views on such a knotty question where we all have a different idea on the best solution (basically what works for us!) It’s the most ‘traditional’ organisations with higher control mindsets that seem to want everyone back in the office – no surprises there – but what will be the people implications of this. Certainly telling everyone the answer rather than listening and involving, means it’s much more likely that people will walk. Click here to read more about who’s back in already in the City https://archive.ph/RkXgp

It’s winter – how do I get my daily dose of daylight?

Dr Andrew Huberman is a professor of neuroscience and ophthalmology at Stanford University School of Medicine. His advice is to allow your eyes five minutes of unfiltered daylight (sunny or not) and this will have a positive impact on your stress and wellbeing levels. I’ve started opening in the window in the morning and taking a good look across the sky. Neuroscience aside, it has a real feel good factor. Find out more about Dr Huberman’s work here https://hubermanlab.com/about/

How can I get ready for Time to Talk Day on 3rd Feb?

Described as the nation’s ‘Biggest Mental Health Conversation‘, Time to Talk Day celebrates the power of conversation to help change lives. It’s an opportunity for organisations to down tools (as hard as that can feel in today’s world) and make some real time for each other. Those with Wellbeing teams and Mental Health First Aiders will be well placed to know how best to approach these conversations. Stretching the City have written a great blog on The Samaritans Listening Wheel which can also provide a helpful handrail https://stretchingthecity.com/blog/time-to-talk-day-2022-the-listening-wheel/

How can you support us in freezing our a** off for Derbyshire Mind?

Yes it’s not long now. We’ll be down at Mercia Marina at the Bandstand from 2pm on Saturday 12th February with the Trustees and CEO of Derbyshire Mind getting in an ice bath for as long as we can manage to raise funds to develop mental health services across the region. Come along and see us freeze and if you can spare something, please donate using this link (thank you so much from all of us!) https://justgiving.com/campaign/WimHoficebathchallenge