Online courses and workshops for a calmer, happier and healthier you…


Whether it be joining our monthly Slow Down in 60 to take some time out to connect, share, rebalance and restore with our calm community, experiencing one of our CALM taster workshops or making that investment in your wellbeing with a Calm In A Box online programme, we’d love to support you on your journey to a calmer place.

Slow Down in 60


An hour to come together on Zoom to connect, share, rebalance and restore. We sometimes take time out to slow down our bodies, but how easy is it to slow down your mind?


Creating space and time to just be and sit peacefully is a really important practice for a calmer, happier and healthier life.


This free event which is run monthly will help you to reflect on how to slow down your busy mind through a series of guided reflections, give you an opportunity to download and reset your head with some mindfulness.


Come along ready to relax and unwind from a comfortable space in your home.


Second Wednesday of every month, 8pm on Zoom, free online event.

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You Can Live A Calmer Life


Ever wondered how to find more calm in your life? This one hour workshop aims to share how to start or build on a wellbeing practice which works for you for a calmer, happier and healthier life.


Working through each dimension of the CALM model, we look at why each element is so important, a range of tools and techniques which can be easily applied in your own life and work to reframe unhelpful mindsets to more helpful ones.


This workshop will set you up to start thinking and feeling differently and give you some new ideas to take forward for creating a calmer life for work/life brilliance.


You will also get a free CALM action planner to take away from the session.


Next open programme Wednesday 8th December, 12-1pm, £45.

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Resilience Brilliance


We all endure stressful times and no more so than right now. Building resilience is critical for coping more effectively when things get tough.


This one hour workshop helps you understand how by applying the CALM model, you can build greater resilience, more successful coping strategies and deal more effectively with stress and anxiety so you can be your best brilliant self at home and at work.


You will also get a free Resilience Builder toolkit to take away from the session.


Next open programme, Wednesday 16th June, 12-1pm, £45.

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The Calmer You Programme


This programme takes you through the CALM model over four one hour bi weekly sessions.


Through a deep dive into each of the four dimensions, Connect with Me, All of Me Matters, Let Me Have Time for Rest and Recovery and Motivate and Inspire Me to Take Care of Myself and Others, you will discover how to build and grow the successful foundations of a calmer, happier and healthier life.


With practical exercises and individual one to one support in between sessions which is tailored to your needs, you’ll be taking a significant step forward in investing in and creating a more positive approach to your own wellbeing and your life.


Next open programme starts Friday 11th March 2022, £295.

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Find More Time For Your Wellbeing


Many of you may have invested in a personal trainer at some point. This course acts as a personal trainer for your mind and your body.


Run over four weeks, you’ll have access to a range of online materials, written and audio to suit your learning style, with structured and practical exercises to help you reflect on what you really need for a calmer, happier, healthier life and how to get more of it. Throughout the programme, you’ll also have the opportunity for individual one to one support to keep you on track.


This is the ultimate course for anyone wanting to kick start their approach to their wellbeing in a way which is going to stick and not feel like something else to add on to the to do list.


Next open programme starts Friday 15th October 2021, £295.

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