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How to have a miracle morning

A few months ago, after multiple attempts, I finally managed to fit meditation into my routine in a sustainable way which worked for me. Having listened to the meditation teacher, Light Watkins, he shared that meditation was best done first thing in the morning or last thing at night. READ MORE

Introducing Jayne Thompson and Cherry Blossom Wellbeing

Jayne Thompson is the beautiful and calming force behind Cherry Blossom Wellbeing which offers holistic wellbeing treatments including Reflexology and Therapeutic Massage in her super relaxing garden cabin or working within organisations to help employees reduce stress and anxiety related problems. READ MORE

The CALM model

The mission of Calm In A Box is to help individuals and organisations live calmer, happier and healthier lives to find work/life brilliance in the right way for them. READ MORE

How to deal with constant transitions

Dealing with transitions or any sort of change is hard on our brains and our bodies. As human beings we are programmed to prefer to keep things as they are, particularly if our situation is perceived as safe and familiar. No wonder then that one of the hardest parts of the last twelve months has been coping with new and uncertain information on a very regular basis. READ MORE

#beatbullying with CALM

In December 2020, I was privileged to join a group of HR Directors who came together to take a stand against bullying within organisations following a LinkedIn post by one of the group where they openly shared their experience of being bullied at work.READ MORE