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How to lead for CALM through a pandemic

Recently I took part in the Unprecedented project initiated by Macildowie Recruitment and Retention to build an online library of experiences and learnings from leading through the pandemic with the aim of supporting future leaders navigate challenging times. The project is made up of a series of blogs and videos with a range of people in leadership positions.


How your brain can trick you

I’ve followed Dr Laurie Santos and her work with The Happiness Lab for a while and recently I was fascinated listening to her talk about how our brain can get things so wrong. When it comes to our happiness, we can often think about this in ways which really don’t help us. So whilst we all want to live calmer, happier and healthier lives, why can we end up getting it so wrong? READ MORE

Introducing Sarah Lawfull, Director of the Forest School Association

When spending time in and with nature has thankfully been one of the few things we haven’t been deprived of in recent times, it was great to spend some time with Sarah Lawfull, Director of the Forest School Association and Where the Fruit Is. Passionate about the transforming power of nature for the better, she believes that it can guide you to what you really need, allowing space and time to think and connect. READ MORE

How to build a calm team

Having always worked for large corporate organisations during my career in Human Resources, for a long time I’ve harboured a wish to be able to become more meaningfully involved with charity work and charitable organisations. Although I had run fundraising engagement initiatives and charity affiliations through the companies I worked for, I’d never really had the opportunity to feel as if I was contributing in a more direct and personal way. READ MORE