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The power of purposive drift

I remember one of the first managers that I ever worked for inadvertently introducing me to the concept of purposive drift when as a young and hopeful professional, I was trying to master developing myself around who I was at work and not just what I could do. Frustrated with my lack of progress with a project, he plotted where I wanted to get to and where I was starting from on a piece of paper, and in-between those two points, drew a sailing boat zig zagging from left to right – possibly on it’s way to my intended destination, and possibly not.READ MORE

Five Day Fit For Calm Challenge

Last month my fitness routine was starting to feel like it was always slipping down my priority list and I could sense the effect of this on my mind and body more and more. I was feeling sluggish and demotivated, generally apathetic about moving and when my anxiety levels started to rise, I was increasingly turning to more unhelpful ways of coping.READ MORE

Introducing Sarah Gatford and Phoenix Therapies

Try to make life the best you can with what you’ve got is the refreshing mantra of Sarah Gatford who has set up a hypnotherapy business, Phoenix Therapies, as she rises from the flames following a challenging year due to Covid.READ MORE

Connect with others this Christmas

Christmas is a time for coming together but how do we do this in a heartfelt and authentic way this year when we really need connection but it’s most likely still going to be difficult and challenging. READ MORE