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How a year of gratitude made me grateful

It’s one year since I started keeping a gratitude journal and as the New Year is always time for reflection, I thought it was worth capturing my findings from this powerful practice which gets talked about a lot, but in my experience, people are often reluctant to start or continue for a variety of reasons.READ MORE

How to support the Jolly Jumper Campaign 2021

Working for yourself can be lonely at times especially when you’ve always been used to being part of a big team. It reminds me of Kevin in Home Alone and how happy he is at first to have some peace and quiet (and his own cheese pizza) – ‘I made my family disappear!’ but then after a while realising how much he missed them, especially at Christmas time. READ MORE

How to be more mindful at Christmas

The festive season unlocks many opportunities for being mindful so here are eleven ideas to help you stay in the present moment and find your calm place this Christmas. (Eleven because I got to ten and thought of one more :)) READ MORE

How to deal with Christmas anxiety

I’ve heard Mo Gawdat talk about his equation for happiness being event minus expectation and this is never more true than when it comes to Christmas. The mental pressure we can put on ourselves to create a Christmas experience which matches those images of perfection in films, what we perceive others to be getting up to or even the stories we can create in our own heads means that the festive period can often end up being a potent recipe for stirring up stress and anxiety.


How JAAQ can support your mental health

JAAQ has recently been launched and is an exciting new development in how to access support around mental health challenges. Having suffered with his own mental health manifesting as body dysmorphia, the founder, Danny Gray, is passionate about helping people access the right information on mental health quickly and simply. READ MORE