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How to find calm in nature

I think we all instinctively know the calming power of nature, whether it’s taking a walk through a wood and seeing the spring flowers blossing, watching the leaves turn colour or noticing the first frost. Or making it down to the beach and looking out over the water to see the sunrise or sunset or watching the waves crash onto the sand. It can make us feel so much calmer and at peace – it’s possibly the natural world putting all of our worries and strife into some sort of perspective. The world and nature goes on… and so must we…READ MORE

How to create a calm home workspace

I love working from home. Being halfway between having an introverted and extroverted preference, I love having the quiet of my home space to think, reflect and plan and choose when I get to engage with the outside world online or on the phone rather than the constant interruptions I face when I am in the office. Not to mention the flexibility around blending all of the pressures of being a mum and running a home with having a job and the chance to avoid all of that wasted time commuting.READ MORE

How to have a calm weekend – trip to Dalton’s Dairy

As someone who loves structure and a routine, lockdown can still be a real challenge in knowing what to do with the day ahead. My perceived sense of calm can often come from knowing what is going to happen next and before this time, I would often know what was going to be happening at the weekend in a rough form on Monday morning and definitively by Tuesday lunchtime.READ MORE

How to bring more balance into your life

For me, finding balance can seem like a never ending and hopeless mission. As someone who has a strong tendency to like to complete my to do list before I take any time out for fun or relaxation, learning to live a more balanced and blended life is a constant bind. I keep going and going until I get overwhelmed and then I have to work harder to deal with the impacts of getting close to burn out on my mind and body. I get snappier, more emotional, less patient with those that I really love and care about because I’ve put all my energy into everything else. My body gets stiff and aches more and I start to feel really tired and lethargic. I think a lot of people would recognise this cycle of events.READ MORE