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Notes on meditation #3

When I started my calm journey, it didn’t take long to hear a lot of people talking about meditation and it’s power in helping find a calmer mind. READ MORE

How to deal with incessant and unhelpful thoughts

I have talked about Mo Gawdat a number of times before as I find his take on how our brains can work helpfully and unhelpfully fascinating so I couldn’t resist including his thinking in the November newsletter at a time when we are facing further restrictions. READ MORE

How to bring some hygge into your life

Last weekend I attended a hygge workshop with the amazing Breathing Space Yoga Studio. A lover of all things hygge as well as yoga, I wanted to attend this last year but never managed to find the time. READ MORE

How to use ice to deal with stress

I’ve been listening to Wim Hof on a couple of my favourite podcasts lately and intrigued to hear him promote his use of ice cold showers to build resilience and cope better with stress.