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How CALMfest can help your team improve their wellbeing

This summer we launched CALMfest – our new CALM experiences product for organisations to help teams of all shapes and sizes focus on their wellbeing when and how it works best for them whilst still being connected through a team goal to raise money for charity. READ MORE

How to turbo charge your learning

Ever had that feeling that you’ve probably done all your learning and your brain is shutting down to new ideas. Despite knowing that a growth mindset is key to a calmer, happier and healthier life, as you get older you can start to realise that your head is just, well, full!READ MORE

How smart meets kind with kindspace

Have you ever wondered how to support better wellbeing through smart technology? The inspirational Caroline Laurenson has not only wondered about it but has taken it to the next level by creating a whole new Amazon Alexa voice skill to help people get inspired and motivated to manage their health and wellbeing more effectively within their own home. READ MORE

How to enjoy a CALM derbyshire with derbyshire mind

I’m so delighted to share that I have recently been appointed as a member of the Board of Trustees for Derbyshire Mind. Given my passion for improving mental health, helping organisations create CALM workplaces for work/life brilliance, coaching individuals to find CALM and supporting my local community in Derbyshire, this appointment brings all of these elements together perfectly.


How to find calm with Stand Up Paddleboarding

I first tried Stand Up Paddleboarding last summer when we were lucky enough to spend a week at the Cadland Estate in a beautiful beach hut on the Solent. The very lovely people in the hut next door had some boards which piqued our interest from the start of the holiday. READ MORE

How to develop your AQ

We are constantly faced with change and no more so than in the last 12 months which has brought an incredible amount of uncertainty and concern alongside the changes. Even as we emerge from the pandemic, change is a firm fixture of modern life and in a recent survey by Talent Economy, 91% of organisations said they are looking to recruit people who have the mindset and the skillset to cope effectively and resiliently with change. READ MORE